Introducing our new managing editor, Kyle Bridge

Since Claire Clark and I took over Points in April 2014, we’ve been committed to bringing you the most unique, thoughtful, and hopefully entertaining posts on alcohol and drug history available on the web. And, through the consistent quality of our writing, we’ve achieved some significant success: we now reach nearly 9,000 unique visitors eachContinue reading “Introducing our new managing editor, Kyle Bridge”

Points is back!

After a brief hiatus, Points is rolling out a new look. We have new managing editors and have added fresh voices to our roster of contributing editors (for more on that, check out our bios below). But our mission remains the same:  Points is an academic group blog that brings together scholars with wide-ranging expertiseContinue reading “Points is back!”

ADHS Daily Register: Call for Editors

The Alcohol and Drugs History Society is looking for one or more new Managing Editors of the ADHS Daily Register.  The Daily Register is a long-time online publication of the ADHS, dedicated to providing regular news, publication updates, and announcements of interest to both the members of the organization and the wider, global audience interestedContinue reading “ADHS Daily Register: Call for Editors”

Points of Continuity

As the new managing editor of Points, it’s high time I introduced myself. For my lateness, I could offer some familiar academic excuses, but I have one that’s better: thanks mainly to work done by Trysh Travis and others, the blog has been filled with excellent essays in the new year, led by the wonderfulContinue reading “Points of Continuity”

Announcements: New Managing Editor, Points Blog, Seeks Same

Points: The Blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, seeks a new managing editor for a two-year term beginning January 2013.  This person will join Eoin Cannon of the Committee on Degrees in History and Literature at Harvard University at the blog’s helm; the co-managing editors, in collaboration with the glowing roster of ContributingContinue reading “Announcements: New Managing Editor, Points Blog, Seeks Same”

Monetize the Blog!

Gentle readers, if  you felt a pang go through you when you read yesterday that co-founder and co-managing editor Joe Spillane was stepping down from his lofty perch at Points, you were not alone.  The blog has gained both maturity and momentum in the last eight months, and those have brought stability to our day-to-dayContinue reading “Monetize the Blog!”

March In Review

Editor’s Note: As you may have noticed, we here at Points have not been publishing our regular Week in Review lately. Instead, we’re experimenting with a new monthly review column that will allow our readership to get a more holistic sense of the various projects Points’ contributors have been working on. This means that, in the interest ofContinue reading “March In Review”

“The Sun is the Same in a Relative Way…”

… as it was about a year ago when Points posted our first pieces of “short and insightful writing on the long and complex history” of alcohol and drugs.  And certainly, as the song says, we’re all “older and shorter of breath…closer to death.”  But if you can quit staring at the lava lamp forContinue reading ““The Sun is the Same in a Relative Way…””

Another Points Milestone, Another List!

You’ll all be pleased to know that Points recently passed the 50,000-view mark–nothing spectacular, of course, but worthy of note in our little corner of the electronic universe.  If you’re new to Points, or just curious, here’s a walk back through the ten most-viewed posts.  If you haven’t seen them before, why not take aContinue reading “Another Points Milestone, Another List!”

Greetings From Alex Tepperman, Editorial Intern

As the weather grows colder and the salamanders that normally litter Gainesville’s sidewalks scamper into hiding from Central Florida’s bitter subtropical winter, school begins anew. Right now, a freshman at Sonoma State is trying to puzzle out what exactly this “Semiotics” thing he’s signed up for is while, at Texas A&M, a senior purchases aContinue reading “Greetings From Alex Tepperman, Editorial Intern”

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