Victorian Women on Drugs, Part 2: Female Writers

Points is pleased to present the second installment of guest blogger Kristina Aikens’  four-part series on women’s drug use in Victorian England today. Today, we learn about the (professed) drug use of Victorian-era women writers. In her autobiography Twenty Years at Hull-House, American social reformer Jane Addams recalled an episode from her teenage years in […]

Victorian Women on Drugs, Part 1: Queen Victoria

We here at Points are very excited to present the first installment of guest blogger Kristina Aikens’ four-part series. Kristina received her PhD in English from Tufts University in 2008, producing the thesis “A Pharmacy of Her Own: Victorian Women and the Figure of the Opiate.” Since then, she has been published under a variety […]

Friday Reads, Vol. 3

Editor’s Introduction: Because we here at Points believe that an understanding of the past is best supplemented with an eye toward the present (and the future), we offer up this weekly selection of long-form pieces on drug- and alcohol-related issues. This past week, the British Isles have been abuzz with discussion about how best to deal with the […]